Coca Cola Brand Consistency Importance

Why is brand consistency important?

Brand consistency is the easiest method to making your brand memorable. Let’s take Coca Cola for example, the iconic bright red background and white, curved letters, if we saw a Coca Cola can, we’d all know who they were and what they’re offering.

Brand consistency is more than just a fancy logo and colour scheme though. It’s about delivering messages that align with the core business values and repeating all these elements over time. Consistent branding will ensure your business name, logo, colour scheme and values will be etched into the minds of your audience. This is what we want!

Why is brand consistency important

There are multiple benefits to creating consistent branding. The main benefit being that your customers can recognise you easily. If your brand is easily recognisable it can build brand trust and ultimately increases the likelihood being recommended to new customers.

It’ll also help you stand out from your competitors. There are probably tens if not hundreds of businesses in your industry offering near identical products/services. Use your branding to set you apart from others. A consistent brand image will generate brand loyalty and increase customer retention.

Using the Coca Cola example again, why do customers religiously stick to Coca Cola and not their rivals?

How to create brand consistency

Remember, it takes time to create and maintain brand consistency. Following these steps will help you get started on the right path.

Is rebranding the right step for you?

Worrying about your branding now? It’s ok, usually updating aspects of your branding will be enough.

If your brand identity is not too strong right now, it’ll be easier to rebrand without sacrificing too many resources or customer loyalty.

If you have an established brand identity, it still doesn’t have to be difficult. For example, you might want to keep your established colour scheme and logo but change your font into a modern, easy to read font.

Create a branding master sheet

Create a document that houses everything branding related. All your logos, colour scheme and hex codes, fonts, slogans, and categorise them for ease of use. Filing is boring, we get it, but having everything together in one document will help weed out anything that stands out too much.

Brand voice

A consistent brand voice across all channels is key. If you hire writers for your content, make sure everyone involved understands what personality you’re trying to portray. For example, Coca Cola might have a similar brand voice to Pepsi but will not be the same as a construction company.

Branded materials

Brand everything you offer. Again, using Coca Cola, their logo is on every everything and it is everywhere.

If you’re offering digital content, it could be as simple as including your logo on forms, letters, social media content.

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