Increase social media engagement

Increase social media engagement

As a business You should aim for quality of audience over quantity. Of course you want to increase your follower count, but an engaged audience—not simply a large one—is ultimately the best indicator of social media success. 

Every social platform needs activity and engagement to create a more positive brand experience and foster deep connections with current and prospective customers. 

Various measures are used to measure social media engagement, some of which may be as follows: 

  • Shares/Comments/Likes
  • Growth of followers and audience 
  • Click-throughs Mentions (either tagged or untagged) or Brand-specific hashtag usage 

Choose a strategy

Of course, there isn’t ONE strategy that works for everyone. Every company’s social media strategy will differ since every company has unique business objectives.

The engagement goals of Innocent Smoothies and Vogue will be extremely different from one another, and this will affect the type of material they publish.

Your social media engagement objectives could include any of the following, based on what works best for your brand and what your company offers:

  • Generating new leads
  • Gathering opinions on new products
  • Changing how people view your brand
  • Providing your audience with tips and resources

Customer knowledge

If you don’t know your audience, it’s harder to engage them in conversation.

Again, Innocent Smoothies preferred language, tone, and resources are completely different to Vogues. 

Knowing your target market can also allow you to:

  • Know what social platforms to be on
  • Type of content
  • When to publish
  • Brand personality

Valuable content

So, you’re thinking “what do I post then?!” Now that you know who is following you and why you want to connect with them, creating content will become that much easier.

Important content is the material that meets the demands and problems of the audience. What are your customer’s pain points? Appeal to those.

Given that, don’t be hesitant to use your imagination while coming up with post ideas:

  • Contests
  • Polls
  • Polls 
  • Urging the audience to ask you questions
  • GIFs
  • Showcasing clients

In general, using analytics is the greatest way to determine what content is effective. So make sure to experiment too!

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