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Why Publer is our social media Superhero!

Social media marketing is at the heart of most small businesses. Makes sense as it is a cost-effective approach to drive traffic to your site.

Scheduling content by hand on all your social media can be a tedious process. That is why it is so important to streamline your content generation process. If you adopt social media accounts, make sure you maximise the return of the time you invest. There are so many easy mistakes to make as a small business entering social media.  

Let’s start with the commitment. Your social media presence needs to be a long-term investment. Like any other marketing strategy, you should nurture your likes into loyal customers.  

Building your online presence also requires a bunch of time and resources. Have you identified your audience? Consider questions such as: What time are they most active on social media. What images/colours do they respond to? The length of posts and captions?  

The mantra for scheduling posts is to be consistent. Consistent with brand image, post intervals, audience interactions.  

I know it all sounds a bit scary but take a look at Publer. An easy-to-use social media management website that condenses your content scheduling worries to a few clicks.  

Publer loves scheduling

Publer’s main asset is its scheduling options. The site allows mass upload of content material with a simple drag-and-drop. This solves the issue of manually posting and copying captions across multiple social media platforms.

After reviewing and generating the timetable, Publer will post according to the schedule, and everything goes live automatically.

After scheduling, Publer will automatically detect a suitable timeframe based on your data entry. Meaning, it will cross-reference other post schedules to prevent content overload.

Drafts means you do not lose your content

So, what happens to all your previous content that has gone live? If you ever want to access it again, Publer saves earlier posts in your drafts. Here you can gather all previously scheduled posts to store for future use or organisation.

You also have the option to save drafts according to categories and post content. So, access to future, current and past posts are all available.

Turning likes into active customers

Want to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)? When creating content for your online presence, Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are vital.

We know it is always nice to get engagement on your social media posts. However, your online presence aim is to recruit new customers. As your audience views your online content, you can redirect them simultaneously to your website.

CTA features are available on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. To make life simpler, Publer allows you to easily coordinate CTA features to magnify engagement.

Publer social media management Call to action CTA button

Not only do they provide the scheduling hacks but boast an analytics section. Weekly updates on your top-performing posts provide crucial insight. You see what works for your audience and what is wasting your time. Ensure to check this out when using Publer.

What’s our Publer review? We love it! Check out Publer’s pricing. To test run it, why not try their free plan?

If you want to learn more check out Publer’s free blog featuring hundreds of social media hacks.  

It is such an effortless way to save time and prevent burnout from boring and repetitive tasks. Get started with this innovative tool now.

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