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Make the most of your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn must be one of the most popular sites for networking and boosting your career. It has millions of users worldwide, the possibilities on there really are endless.  

Your LinkedIn profile is like a modern-day CV. It’s important to take care of it and pursue an effective and thorough strategy to draw potential leads/collaborations.  

You absolutely need a LinkedIn account as a business!

In the same way you created an Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook account for your business, LinkedIn is another social media network you need to get onto. 

It creates awareness and improves brand reputation

It’s a social media platform made for professionals, it is the perfect place to promote yourself and your business. With millions of members worldwide, businesses have the opportunity to connect with a vast pool of talented professionals. Every connection increases your brand awareness.  

Competitor research

Maybe you’re conducting market research and need a little extra information on what they’re doing. LinkedIn is a great place to start analysing your competitors. Companies and employees tend to post a lot to create brand awareness and improve credibility. So, use this opportunity to analyse what content they publish, what performs well, what campaigns are launching. 

Source talented professionals 

LinkedIn has an abundance of passionate experts and emerging talent. Networking and connecting with them means potentially working with the best of the best! 

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Amazing enough to get yourself on LinkedIn.

Ways to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page

Using high quality images

How many times have you looked at a site and been put off by low quality images? It doesn’t set a great first impression. These images should portray how you want your business to be perceived.

Your profile picture should have a plain/not distracting background with you as centred as possible in good lighting. For your cover photo you might want to create a photo on Canva to use on all platforms. As for what goes in a cover photo, it could be your company contact information or company slogan.

Connecting and networking

Using LinkedIn for its main purpose. Connecting and networking will help prove credibility to new audiences. Being able to prove your credibility means it becomes easier to appeal to a new audience and bring in new leads.

Make sure you connect with relevant people and companies as it means your profile will be suggested to the correct audience. These connections could be potential collaborations, so make sure to nurture them.

Valuable content creation

Creating valuable content that generates consistent engagement is the goal here. The focus is on consistent engagement, not number of likes. It’s the best way to create a strong and involved community on any platform.

Use relevant keywords

Having relevant keywords in the written sections means the profile will appear higher on search results. Make it as easy as possible for LinkedIn to understand what your business is about. If LinkedIn understands, then your potential audience will be able to find your more easily.  

If you’re struggling to find relevant keywords, check out our SEO blog to see how to find most effective keywords.

Join relevant groups

There are swarms of industry experts to learn from and network with in LinkedIn groups. Knowing the direction of the industry will be crucial when making any decisions so its best to know ASAP.

If you are an industry expert, this is a great chance to prove it. It’s a great chance to build trust and take a more nurture-based approach that will lead to increased, consistent organic growth.

Make use of LinkedIn features

An effective method people forget sometimes is to use the features provided for you. Stay on top of the new features by regularly checking for articles such as New Features on LinkedIn in 2021. Stay ahead of the trends! Algorithms often reward profiles more if they use as many (relevant) features.

Right, time to get started on your company LinkedIn page then. Of course these tips are useful for personal pages too. Have fun creating and networking!

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