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Instagram Series: Optimise your Instagram bio!

Your Instagram Bio is soooo important, it’s basically your virtual business card. It is the key to attracting your ideal audience and potential customers. First impressions are vital, and your Insta bio is the first thing your viewers will see when they look you up!

An important Instagram strategy includes growing your following right? One of the great and easier ways to increase your growth is by fully optimising your Instagram bio.

An effective Instagram bio explains who you are, what you do and where to find you and what you’re all about in a few short bullet points. The purpose of your Instagram bio is to highlight key features of your brand, show part of your brand personality, prompt a call-to-action, accentuate your USP (unique selling point) and finally provide a way for your followers to contact you

With a fully optimised, effective bio you can single out your ideal audience and gain followers and potentially new customers and turn those clicks into sales!

What is the Instagram Bio?

The Instagram Bio is the section on your profile page, that can be found underneath your username. Your Instagram bio can include your name, a short description, contact information – email/number, hashtags, emojis and a website URL.

Step 1: Your Username

Is your Instagram Username the same as your business name and does it share the same spelling across your other social platforms? We get it, sometimes you’re chosen username unfortunately isn’t available but make sure your username is still similar and relevant to your brand. This is vital to make your account easily discoverable and easy to find when your audience search you up! Also, you can take advantage of the name plate as it makes your Instagram profile searchable on Instagram.

Step 2: Profile Picture

I know it sounds obvious but step one is the profile picture. You would be surprised at how many accounts there are on Instagram without a profile picture. This is a big no-no! This is the first picture viewers see on your account, so make it a good one.

Your profile picture could be your business logo, that should correlate with the aesthetic of your account, or a relevant picture to your business. This picture should be high quality and give a clear idea to what your business is for example, a product picture or perhaps pictures of your employees in uniform. If you do choose a picture, rather than a logo ensure it’s a close up shot and you have a plain background – this will make the image easier to see and clearer.

Remember potential followers can see your profile pic before they even visit your profile. If your profile picture is eye catching and striking this will entice people to click on your profile rather than perhaps your competitors.

Step 3: Bio

To attract your ideal customer your bio needs to explain exactly who and what your business is about. You can do this by specifying your profession and highlighting your skills/services. Also adding a clickable link in an instagram bio with a call to action (CTA) is essential!

If you can, add a hashtag that represents your company or values.

Take a look at ours to see what to include:

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