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Simple ways to increase productivity, and grow your business.

Tired of tracking every task set for every team member on paper? Old school can sometimes hold you back when you’re looking to maximise productivity, track team outputs and grow.

Plus, delegating efficiently will help you free up your oh-so precious time to focus on working on your business, not in your business, but giving you complete visibility of everything that’s happening.

Plus, effectively tracking your teams’ work and providing timely and constructive feedback will do wonders for you team’s motivation and work ethic.

We use to organise our everyday work activities. It’s an all-in-one platform, useful for managers and teams in any industry anywhere in the world. Monday is the entire package for those searching for an approachable and efficient platform that their team will actually use. We are using it to scale – and it works!

Monday allows us to stay productive and efficient as it provides a visual form of accountability.  

Boards are the essence of Monday. Their unique board features enable the team to gain a thorough insight into your projects and company performance at any point. We found that Monday really aids in streamlining teamwork and communication with its in-app file sharing, item-specific communication, integrations, and automation.  

The best part is that everything is customisable to suit your needs.

How Can Help You?

Monday is a great tool for small businesses as it centralises all your management by providing multiple team, marketing, social media management tools.  

For Project Management

Monday is a task management software meaning the best way to use it is by breaking everything down into tasks. Take an event or action and separate it into smaller, manageable tasks. 

Make sure to use everything they have to offer! Boards, dashboards, timelines will be your best friend. 

To create a dashboard you can select multiple boards to input retrieve data from. Here you can opt to see the data presented through charts, numbers but our favourites include a gantt chart and the battery progress chart. battery view for project management

For Marketing

One of the best features of for new users is its straightforward presentation and intuitive layout. To create a marketing plan on Monday, you only need to click three times.

Choose from a variety of board templates the site offers.

As you can see, the templates help you plan productively and succeed. As it’s fully customisable, input your data and assign your team members to get started. The intuitive design eliminates the personal hours used to make your marketing plan.  Take all that spare time to put your feet up and relax.

If all of this is too much to remember, Monday have their own blog and youtube channel where they consistently upload helpful content.

As you can tell, we love Monday. It enables the team to see the bigger picture in an instant. You can manage workload efficiently and make adjustments to suit your business and save yourself from burnout. A healthy team is a happy business.

Sign up to Monday here.

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