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5 Tips on how to increase sales for your business

Making sales is hard! So, don’t feel discouraged if you’re experiencing peaks and troughs in your sales. It’s all part of the learning process. 

Top tips on how to increase sales:

  1. Take a look at your current customers. If you are an ecommerce business this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about your customers! Take a look at as many insights and as much data as you can. Who are your most popular customers? What age, location, sex, time, days. Absorb as much data as possible to help you understand your WHY these customers are buying.
    This information is crucial.
    If your current customers aren’t your ideal customers, it’s time to rethink your marketing approach.

  2. Host a competition or giveaway.
    Lots of brands host giveaways to attract new customers, which is an amazing way to increase brand awareness, but what about your loyal customers? As important as it is to increase customers, it’s equally important to keep current customers happy.
    Running, for example, seasonal sales for customers on your email list means your customer’s begin to look forward to each one. If your customers are happy they’re more likely to encourage their friends and family to explore your shop too. Word of mouth referrals is such an amazing way to boost your customer base.

  3. Prioritise customer service.
    Most marketers say you should only push sales 20% of the time. If you always push sales content, your customers won’t connect with you. If you don’t build a relationship with your customers, they won’t trust you enough to buy from you.
    A great way to build brand reputation and customer relationships is to provide great customer service. Increased customer loyalty leads to increased sales.
    Some examples of how to offer amazing customer service:
    Replying to queries, DMs, emails in real time or as quickly as possible.
    Personalised communications.
    Providing in depth guides on how to use your product/service.

  4. Sell on social media.
    Whether you believe it or not, your ideal audience is on social media. You just have to do some research to figure out where your ideal demographic is lounging about. Social commerce has been fully embraced by every platform so if you’re not on social media selling, you’re missing out on a potentially massive market. Since most platforms engage in social commerce, they have the necessary applications (ads) and analytics to help you sell. The other great thing about social media advertising is how cost effective it is compared to most traditional marketing methods.

  5. Optimise your social media profiles
    If you’re already on social media and will be joining soon, it’s important to know how to optimise your profile for social commerce. Your social media profiles are your modern day shop fronts with the added bonus of being able to be searched up!
    Your profile should clearly show your name, brand name, what you do, what your brand is about and who should use your products/services. With the abundance of online businesses, you have to stand out or grab the attention of your audience within seconds.
    Every platform is different, your customers will be on different platforms for different reasons, so each profile should be optimised to suit their algorithm.
    Some tips that apply to all platforms:
    Use keywords so customers can find you easily.
    Use short, catchy statements.
    Make sure branding is consistent across all profiles.
    Use a call to action.

Meanwhile, if you’re struggling to figure out where to start with marketing or how to improve it check out our Marketing Health Check. It’s free and gives you great insight into what elements of your marketing work and what could be improved.

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