How to upload an Instagram story

How To: Instagram stories

Are Instagram stories important for business? Well, yes. 

Most people and businesses probably post 3-4x on IG throughout the week so how do you keep customers focused and engaged the rest of the time? Thankfully, Instagrams content lifespan is one of the longest compared to other platforms which is why posting 3-4x a week is ideal. So if the content lifespan is this long, why is there such an emphasis on posting stories? Are Instagram stories better than posts?

Stories are short and easily digestible which is what a lot of customers are looking for. They can also be interactive and fun which is a great way to engage and keep your business on your customers mind. You can post the content that didn’t quite make the cut for your grid on there so no content is wasted. And of course, IG stories also have insights you can use to better understand your audience. 

How to upload an Instagram story

Tap the + sign at the top or swipe right when on your feed.

If you pressed the + button it’ll give you a list so press on “story”, if you swipe right, it’ll take you your story section.

Tap the white button in the middle to take a photo or press it to record a video. To upload content, swipe up on your screen and your gallery should come up. 

Then, tap “your story” on the bottom left.

Remember, stories disappear after 24 hours from everywhere unless you add them to your profile as a highlight.

How to share an Instagram post to your story

When you find a post you want to share on your story, look for the paper airplane next to the image.

Once you press the button, a list of options will appear and at the top will be “add post to your story.”

This will take you straightaway to the editing stage of your story. Once you’re done editing the post, press “your story” on the bottom and it will automatically be uploaded.

Extra features to use

Tap the squiggly line to draw, tap “Aa” to add text or tap the square with a face to add a sticker to your photo or video. To remove text or a sticker, drag and drop it on the bin at the bottom of the screen.

To mention a person or business tap the Aa button then type @insert_username. They’ll be notified that they’ve been tagged and your followers can go to their page through the mention. Mentioned people can also repost on their stories. 

You can make a highlight of relevant stories by going on your profile and pressing the + sign or story highlights under your bio. Select the stories you want to be shown on your highlights then tap next. 

To add music to your story press the square with a smiley face and a bunch of options should pop up. Music should be some of the first few features to come up but you can also search it in. Press on music and search up what song you want to use. 

How Instagram stories algorithm works

Instagram’s story algorithm is all about engagement and past interaction. If someone likes all your posts and reels, IG will show them your story first. If you have a ghost follower, chances are, they would see your story very late and it’s pushed behind accounts they regularly interact with. 

So what does this mean? It means you should be creating content that promotes engagement and uses call to actions. It’s much easier on stories where you can ask questions, do polls, experiment and be a bit more relaxed. 

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