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Grow and engage your audience

This is the scary and difficult part of setting up a business. Scary in the sense that audience growth is often slow, and this can discourage small business owners greatly.

Not to worry, your number of followers is what we call a vanity metric. Meaning, it might look good but doesn’t impact your overall business all that much.

Building and growing an engaged audience is what’s important.

The importance of an engaged audience

An engaged audience essentially become brand ambassadors. Spreading the word about your small business and generating referrals for FREE! Fostering a strong business-client relationship also shifts your focus to nurturing your current client base and creating repeat buyers.

How to grow an engaged audience

Identify your ideal audience

There are three main steps to identifying your ideal audience: market research, build your ideal customer persona and analyse your current customer base.

Market research should include the demographic most likely to buy your product/service. Who are they? Where are they? Why do they engage in this industry? Try to understand as much as you can about the demographic.

Your ideal customer persona is a made-up avatar that encompasses everything you want in a customer. Building the avatar will help you enter the mindset of a customer which will do wonders when you’re planning new campaigns.

Analysing your current customer base will show you how well you’re advertising to your ideal audience. So, look at any insights available to you that will help you understand who you’re attracting and why.

Post consistently not frequently

Consistently does not equal frequently. Consistency includes your post schedule and so much more. If your branding consistent on each post? If your brand voice the same? Are you delivering top quality content every time you publish something?

Post at peak times for YOUR audience

Take a look at your insights and see what times your audience is most active. Make sure you post according to their schedule, not yours. A great way to do this if the schedules clash is to use a content scheduling app. If it’s not in your budget, many platforms, like Publer, have a free plan.

Create content from your audience’s perspective

Your audience is there for whatever your small business offers and are most likely not interested in the technical side your business. Have a look at what your competitors are posting that receive a lot of engagement.

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