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How email automations can save your small biz

A great way to expand your business is to grow your email list via email automation. It might sound old-fashioned and too simple but think about how many promotional emails you receive every day. Then consider how many have exclusive discounts that entice you to open those emails and shop at their site?

Don’t miss out on the best way to consistently grow your business

Social media is great for engagement and attracting a large audience. However, these platforms can change their algorithm whenever they want and decrease your audience engagement without you knowing. Your email list will be your property; only you can decide on the size of the audience and routines to best fit your company and your audience. 

Since your email list is your property, you can advertise any of your products straight to your customers without any algorithms complicating the issue. 

It’s also great for making your customers feel special. Offer exclusive discounts or access to new products. This way, you build a strong connection with your audience. You really understand who they are and what they want from your company.

Another tantalising reason to build your email list is that you can generate sales through them! Converting email audiences to loyal and buying customers can be difficult. If you set up a comprehensive email sequence that nurtures your audience, you can generate sales passively. 

It almost sounds too good to be true but its not! We use Active Campaign, a great CRM tool for managing your email automation.

How to create an email automation

If you have a premade automation, Active Campaign allows you to import these. So don’t worry about recreating everything step-by-step.

To create your own, click on the “create an automation” at the top of the page. There will be a popup listing multiple templates you can choose from.

Creating email automation on Active Campaign
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Or, you can create automations from scratch if you wish to. Start inputting your data and follow the instructions. For specific help, Active Campaign boasts a comprehensive help centre blog and online chart services.

Create your own email automation on Active Campaign
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See how simple it is? No reason to not try it out!


Data-driven decisions are better decisions; therefore, you’ll need all the data you can access. Custom Reports can provide you with the specific information required to make confident decisions.

Reports on Active Campaign
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Reports allow you to produce reports that provide a comprehensive perspective of marketing and sales, allowing you to see patterns, identify areas of potential, and expand your business with the data you require.

The Enterprise plan includes the ability to create custom reports. These provide you with vital information about your consumers, resulting in more informed business decisions.

Custom reports assist you in analysing data and answering queries about data or specific activities. You can save a custom report to your account once you’ve finished it. These reports can be accessed at any time and shared with another account user.

Building an email automation can really save your business

Why not launch your company into a new phase of consistent and higher revenue? It’d be a shame to miss out.

Worried about the cost of Active Campaign? Not to worry as they offer a variety of different pricing packages. Why not test it out using their 14 day free trail? Or, if you want to learn more first, check out Active Campaign’s free blog and YouTube channel.  

While you’re here, why not take your marketing health check right now to see where your strengths are and discover new room for growth and opportunities.

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