Digital marketing for small businesses

How to make digital marketing work for you

Marketing is super important to any business of any size. Even the companies you don’t think market themselves are operating marketing ventures that you don’t know about. Chances are, they’re conducting business to business (B2B) marketing. So, even if the biggest companies in the world need to market themselves to one another, it can be assumed that smaller businesses might want to focus on it too.

With the world become so focused on digital media. Digital marketing has been all the rage, with a large part of marketing moving to the online world. Majority of the world has access to the internet and multiple devices so not engaging with digital marketing disconnects you from this majority.

Why do you need digital marketing?

The rise of digital marketing offers you so many new opportunities, they’re endless. With the right research on what platforms are best suited for your business, your return on investment (ROI) will be amazing!

Digital marketing is considerably cheaper than traditional forms of marketing e.g., magazine print. It’s also extremely flexible compared to other forms of marketing. You can test multiple formats or content ideas in one go, so there’s no reason to not experiment.

Make it work for you:

Understand SEO

Check out How To: Search Engine Optimisation to see what it is and how to get started. Optimising your online presence might not have the flashiest ROI but will continue to bring you organic traffic in the long term.

Understand search engine marketing (SEM)

This includes paying for ad words on search engine. Google offer free online courses that take you through how to use Google Ad Words. To create an SEM strategy, you’ll need a marketing plan that outlines your business offer, your value proposition, and your competitor research to understand what ad words to pay for and what to stay away from.

Create engaging and relevant content

Content you create for your business must be both engaging and relevant. You might go viral for creating a funny or controversial piece of content, but if it’s not relevant to your business, you won’t see any returns. Similarly, you could create content for months but if it’s not engaging… you won’t see any returns. When creating content, always create from the perspective of your ideal audience. What would they want to see?

Social media marketing

Most people think of social media marketing when talking about digital marketing, and they’re not wrong to do so. However, there are so many other, equally, if not more, effective ways of digital marketing. Social media is great for spreading awareness of your brand and generating leads. Be selective with what platforms you choose and make sure you research each algorithm to know what content to post.

Affiliate marketing

With the rise of micro influencers all over the world, you can rest knowing you’re in a win-win situation. Researching a micro influencer that reflects your brand and niche with high engagement will generate leads more likely to buy from your business.

Digital marketing is so diverse. There are so many opportunities to experiment with different strategies and figure out what works for you. Most likely, it’ll be a mixture of different types of marketing combined.

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