affordable tools to use as a content creator

8 affordable tools to use as a content creator

If you’re looking to start your content creation journey, we got you. Here are our favourite, affordable content creation tools.

Ring Light

Nothing worse than spending so long on setting up a shot just for the lighting to ruin it. Good quality photos/content do so much for customers. It builds trust and makes customers want to buy your products.

Flexible Tripod

Perfect for impromptu filming or getting the right angle at an awkward setting. Super affordable, you can’t really go wrong. 

Smartphone camera lens

Get high quality camera photos without breaking the bank. These lenses help your phone take pics like a camera that cost hundreds of pounds. It’s a great investment for product shots. 


You don’t need a podcast to invest in a microphone. If you create videos with voice overs, tutorials, it’s a great inexpensive product to get now. Plus, it can be used in your everyday life too. If you WFH and use headphones, your ears know the struggle. Let your ears rest and get a microphone. 


You can use the free version or the paid version. Both are amazing and make content creation so much easier. Canva has introduced a scheduling tool as well to centralise content making and scheduling. 


A free video editing app that has it all. See the reviews and try it today.


Our number one content scheduling app. It’s easy to use, affordable, and does everything you need it to. Publer is always expanding its services too so you’ll never be left behind in the content creation world. 


It’s a great place to find royalty free images to use if you’re ever in a pinch. They’ve got great quality photos for every occasion.

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