Importance of a Community as a business owner

Importance of a community as a business owner

Starting and running a business is hard enough. Doing it alone can be a million times more difficult. It takes years and years of dedication, hard work, major risks, and long hours to become successful. Something many business owners struggle with is feeling alone and not organising a support system that works for them.

A support system isn’t something you see on the checklist for starting a business but it is one of the best hacks for being a successful business owner. Finding an active community with a reliable mentor can significantly improve the performance of your business. 

Why is it important?

One of the most important benefits of finding your business tribe is the emotional support you receive. Being surrounded by like-minded people who understand your struggles and support you has a positive impact on you and as an extension, your business. Social support acts as a positivity enhancer and a negativity buffer. We’re so hardwired to think negatively so it’s important to get an outside perspective. 

It can be incredibly motivating to find a community of business owners in a similar position to yours. Paying attention to how people approach certain tasks can give you a great perspective on your approach. It also creates a sense of accountability. If you’ve been putting off major projects for years out of fear, talk to your group and ask them for advice and to hold you accountable. 

Of course, one of the main benefits of joining any group is networking. Building relationships can be difficult so this is a great way of making new friends and business relationships. These relationships can give your business a chance to enter new markets or collaborate with other brands in the future. 

Find your people

The best way to meet like-minded people is by going to industry events. These events are happening all the time all over the world. It’s a great place to meet new people, talk to industry experts, stay up to date with your industry, and of course, network. Don’t feel intimidated by speakers, ask the questions you need to ask and gain as much knowledge as possible. Who knows, they might be your future mentor. 

Another way to find groups or mentors is to just talk to people who are in your desired industry. Talk talk talk. Making connections is always easier through mutuals, it feels more genuine and you can ask questions directly. 

Talk to business leaders you look up to. Business owners tend to mentor new entrepreneurs, it’s nothing new in any industry so don’t be shy. Contact them and start building a rapport. You might be surprised by the results. 

Ultimately it’s about research, networking, and taking the risk. Many communities are free to join like ours: MarketINg Club. Join today to kickstart your journey in finding the right community for you. 

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