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Branding and SEO for small businesses

So, what is SEO branding?  In SEO branding, the brand of your business or organisation is transformed into a significant source of organic traffic. Consider the well-known brands you enjoy and how they stack up against less well-known businesses in the same market.

Brands that are trusted by Google and are well-known by users perform well on search engine result pages.

SEO branding aims to increase a company’s reputation and credibility among users and search engines. It does this by  increasing relevance, authority, and trust in search engine results, much in the same way link building does.

Undoubtedly, links play a significant role in brand development and authority in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Links are one of the most essential ranking signals for Google. You can do this by linking first then making contact.  Given that you provided a backlink for them, it’s possible that they will do the same for you in the future.


Google strives to offer every user a continually improved search experience. Google can discover user patterns by continuously monitoring and basing its choices on how people interact with search results. This information is then used to determine ranks and visibility. This is where brand awareness and Google rankings can be closely related: if users consistently interact with a given branded keyword, website, or search result, Google will notice these trends and alter its ranking accordingly.

Social media

The collective number of shares, likes, and general visibility of a website’s social media presence are referred to as social signals. A commonly speculated aspect that might or might not be a direct ranking factor for Google’s algorithm is social signals. The information on social media, according to many marketers, is frequently indexed and has a direct impact on search engine rankings. Google, meanwhile, has refuted the claim that social signals affect rankings. Whether or not Google explicitly relies on the data, social signals have a strong correlation with brand recognition and customer engagement.

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