10 tools for business growth in 2022

10 essential tools for business growth in 2022!

Being a small business owner is difficult enough already, don’t you think? In the age of technology, doing the same, repetitive, mundane tasks is so unnecessary. These ten tools can help you increase your efficiency and let you and your team relax (finally.)

So, don’t miss out on tools that make your life easier AND help grow your business.

We’ve collated some of the best tools curated to help small businesses compete in their industry.

Tools for small businesses

10 tools for business growth 2022

Xero: Whether you’re a new business or established, who doesn’t benefit from real-time updates on the health of your finances. Xero presents all your data in one customisable dashboard for ease of use and interactivity. Try Xero for free for 30 days.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics brings together all of the free tools you’ll need to analyse data for your company in one location. Check out our GA blog to find out more. 

Dropbox: A cloud-based home for all your files. Dropbox allows you to store, share and collaborate on files with whomever you allow access. As long as you have the app, you can access these files anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Start using it today for free.

WordPress: The most widely used website builder on the planet! Do we have to say anymore? WordPress is user-friendly, SEO friendly, and most importantly, completely customisable to suit your brand and needs. 

Unsplash: It’s the best place to find royalty-free images and photos to download and use in any project. Hosting over a million photos it has been dubbed the world’s leading photography site by the likes of Forbes. 

Zoom: We all know Zoom, surely. It’s the industry leader in modern workplace video communications. Zoom offers a simple and dependable platform for video and audio conferencing.

Quora: On Quora, you ask questions and interact with others who can answer with their unique perspectives and offer high-quality replies. Also, answering relevant questions about your industry is a great way of generating long-term, passive traffic to your site. 

Automation platforms

Publer: Publer will be your social media superhero that lets you collaborate and schedule social media saving time and stress. We will be releasing a how-to on Publer, so sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

Mailchimp: A marketing and email automation platform helping business owners to send the right message to the right people. It’s a powerhouse made to help small businesses as an all-in-one marketing platform, Mailchimp hosts many features and great support staff to make your life easier.

Active Campaign: ActiveCampaign was made for small businesses! Their tailored, automation-first strategy saves time, connects teams with consumers, and allows small businesses to compete with bigger organisations. Like Publer, we will be dropping a cheatsheet on Active Campaign, so sign up to our newsletter for a reminder to check out our blog. 

No reason to not try these tools out.

10 tools for business growth 2022

Check out their reviews online and see how many people and businesses trust them. You’ll be thanking us soon!

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