Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan: Why you need one?

Behind every great business is a great plan. It makes sense, right? A solid plan makes sure you stay on track, provides accountability, and reduces waste of resources.

A marketing plan is essential to create a good marketing campaign and strategy. Not to mention, it makes your whole life that much easier.

Making a marketing plan

Your plan should be well written and concise. When presenting plans to your team or investors, it’ll need to be easy-to-read and persuasive. It also helps you in the future when you’re looking to your plan for guidance.

Here is your step-by-step guide. Once you finish reading through, we have a downloadable mini marketing plan to get your started.

Determine your goal

Before you begin the marketing plan of your dreams, you need to define what you want to achieve. To create an ambitious yet feasible plan, your marketing objectives need to be based on your overall business objectives.

For example, you might be a start-up cosmetics company and one of your business goals for the year is to encourage more people to use sun cream. Your marketing objective could be to increase traffic to your YouTube video explaining the benefits of your sun cream, ultimately increasing your sun cream sales.

Who are you aiming for?

The reality of having amazing products/services is that some people just will not be interested. Identifying your target audience is critical – and a critical point to resolve in your marketing plan. 

With the cosmetics company example, you may have multiple customer avatars. One might be a make up pro, one a skincare pro, one a novice to both, essentially you can have as many as your want or need. However, your goal is to increase sun cream sales by creating a promotional video explaining the benefits of wearing sun cream especially why yours is the best. If your audience are not already using sun cream, your target market would be your novice audience. This would be your starting point to creating an ideal customer persona. Exploring the answer to questions such as: Why are they attracted to skincare now? What is their budget? Where do they live? How old are they?

Research your market

Think about how many competitors exist in just your local area? Now think about how many exist in your industry. It doesn’t matter how big or small they might be, it’s important to know what they’re up to. Understanding what their goals, and strategies are will help you understand what areas you might need to look at yourself.

Create your strategy

If you’ve never created a marketing strategy before have a look at Marketing Strategy: Why you need one?. Business owners often mix up the two due to the two containing similar content. The key difference would be a marketing strategy is more niche – it might be contained to one quarter, a certain product launch or a new campaign. A marketing plan is an overall plan that will contain the strategies you create.

KPI Key performance indicator image


The acronym might sound scary, but it stands for Key Performance Indicators. A KPI is a value that you can measure to rate how effectively a company achieves its business objectives. For example, if you’re tracking the success of your brand new website, what figures would help? Impressions, engagement rate, and conversion rate are perfect for a site as they are easy to track and great to compare when measuring against targets. Check out our Google Analytics blog to learn how to use it to track your website KPIs all in one place.
Tracking KPIs is fundamental to growing and building a successful business. Dedicate as much time to tracking and reviewing as you do to launching.

While you’re here, why not take your marketing health check right now to see where your strengths are and discover new room for growth and opportunities.

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